How does IT automation improve business agility?

If you are in an industry that is heavily dependent on software tooling, then you have probably come across the term “agile” being thrown around. This concept has been around for a little while now and it can be difficult to fully understand what agile means, let alone put it into practice. Agile software development stems from two main ideas: iterative development and adaptive planning. It is not something that can be explained easily because there are benefits of applying agile practices to any sized company, regardless of their size or industry. One of the biggest advantages of having processes that revolve around agility is that they allow your business to respond quickly when changes arise, without sacrificing quality or wasting valuable time due to over-planning.

How does automation fit into the equation?

IT automation is a term that has been used over time to describe any IT software or hardware that allows for tasks to be performed automatically. The same concept can be appaking changes in real-time, lied when using an automated solution for agile processes within your business. Having the ability to perform frequent tests on your code, while also mwill give you an advantage over other Harrogate based businesses who are taking longer to make updates and release new versions of their product. It all comes down to having flexibility with your development process because this will allow you to respond quickly to market conditions/trends and it will increase the likelihood that your business stays relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Integrating IT automation with agile software development will allow you to have a system in place that delivers business value quick and easy. This means that your company won’t have to waste time boiling the ocean when it comes to making changes, because updates can be made safely and quickly whenever they are needed. Automation is not only useful for changing code, however. It provides many other benefits as well including:

  • Increased visibility into application health
  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Continuous testing/monitoring of your environment

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, having a DevOps team is becoming more common in today’s tech world. A DevOps engineer will help bridge communication between all teams involved in product development from start to finish. Having an automated solution will increase the speed of your development process and it will allow your business to stay agile in what can be a unpredictable industry.

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IT automation improves business agility with benefits such as increased visibility into application health, self-healing capabilities, and continuous testing/monitoring of systems. Contact Harrogate Apps to know more about IT automation.