Five benefits of outsourcing application support

The idea of outsourcing application support has always been at the center of a heated debate in the IT world. While some see it as a great opportunity, others are not willing to let go of their internal IT staff.

But what if there was a way to keep your in-house staff while still having access to an outsourced team that can provide you with all of these five benefits?

  1. Improve productivity and accuracy
    It’s common knowledge that both request processing and resolution times increase when the number of users grows. When this happens, users have to wait too long for their problems to be resolved – or they will solve them on their own by consulting various forums and might even introduce new bugs into your system. This problem is easily eliminated by outsourcing application support.
  2. Reduce operating costs
    The amount of money invested in an in-house team is significantly higher than what you would pay to a service provider for the same number of requests processed. This means that with the right solution, your monthly expenses will go down while the quality of service remains on par or even surpasses the quality you get from your internal IT department!
  3. Access to knowledgable resources
    Even though good documentation is essential for resolving issues, only experienced engineers really know how things work under certain circumstances and can resolve many issues without consulting anyone else. A dedicated team that has extensive knowledge about the product they support provides you with more flexible responses to your users’ requests – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  4. Prepare for growth
    Whether your application is gaining traction or you’re preparing to take it global, having access to an outsourced team that can scale up with you is crucial. This way, nobody will ever have to worry about a growing number of users in need – the team will be able to provide assistance whenever and wherever needed! With this in mind, don’t forget that regularly introducing new members into your internal IT staff might not only slow down response times but also lead to reduced overall productivity.
  5. Improve after-sales care
    When our clients outsource application support, they get more than just round-the-clock assistance when there’s a problem – they also have access to regular updates that will fix bugs and improve the application’s performance. And while it is intuitive to assume that most app providers would happily provide this, there are some who wouldn’t be willing or able to maintain an outdated version of their product!
    Moreover, when you outsource your help desk , you’ll get a team whose primary goal will be constant improvement for both software and service quality – not making an extra buck by selling you new products.
  6. We’ve already discussed what outsourcing application support can do for your Harrogate based business . So if you’d like to know more about how our outsourcing services can help your company become even more efficient, give us a call Harrogate Apps today!